Sublime Text 3 integration plugin


I just released a Sublime Text 3 plugin which integrates services.


Search for “Slack” plugin in Sublime Package Control.


Please check the github page:


Further docummentation

For configuration, usage, features, shortcuts & other stuff, please visit the github repository:


I like beer.
So if you’d like to support the continuous development of this plugin, you could buy me a beer :)


I would really appreciate any feedback on the plugin (bug report or feature request).

Here are some screenshots:


  • Hyo Seong Choi

    It’s wonderful.
    But I am sorry that it doesn’t support multiple team tokens.

    • simion

      Thanks for your feedback!
      It will be implemented in the next version.

    • simion

      Done, implemented.
      You can run “Upgrade/Override all packages” in sublime if you want the feature right away :)
      Also I’ve updated the post with the new requirements for Package Settings,

      Good luck!

  • Mathieu Rochette


    nice work here :)

    I have a 2 suggestions:

    * option to remove “(username, os)”, if I set username to “Mathieu”, I don’t really want to see “Mathieu (mathieu, linux)”

    * load latest message from a channel or a “direct” discussion (could be printed in a new buffer)

    have a good day!

    • simion

      Thanks for your feedback!

      I will add an option to hide os platform and username in the next release.
      Also, in another major release the buffer for incoming messages will be implemented.

      I appreciate the feedback, have fun!

  • simion

    Done, version 1.4.2 released, which includes the setting for disabling platform name/user.
    By default it’s enabled.

    To disable, add
    “show_plaform_and_name”: false
    to Slack: Settings – User

    Have fun!

    • tinnv

      hi simion.
      I had set “show_plaform_and_name”: false but when i share message to slack, i still see tinnv (bot)
      Can I hide (bot)? I want see only username.

      • simion

        Just set “show_plaform_and_name”: false and “username”: “whatever you want”.

  • Sataris

    Great work with the plugin!I\\’ll second the vote for receiving messages :)

  • Timothy

    I am trying to set this up for use on Mac (10.8.5). I have a fresh install of Sublime Text 3, using package control I found Slack and installed it from within there. However, it does not appear in my installed packages folder (if it should) and doesnt appear under preference >> package settings.

    I have installed other packages in the same way and they have been ok.

    • simion

      Ideed, I fucked something in the last update. Thanks.
      It works now, you can install it.

  • Zack

    Great stuff especially for code sharing as it gets rid of a step or two.

    It would be great if when using “ctrl+alt+u -> Send Selection” that the message utilizes Slack’s preformatted option, preformatted that way the code structure doesn’t change.

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  • Jonathan McAuliffe

    Fantastic tool! Great job.

    • SimionBaws

      Thanks! 😀 If I will ever get back to using Sublime Text, I will develop new features for this plugin. Currently I switched to an IDE.

      • Jonathan McAuliffe

        Which one?

        • SimionBaws

          PyCharm, since I’m working full time on python/django + frontend features.
          It’s a huge project, and PyCharm helps me quicky debug stuff, navigate, etc 😀

        • SimionBaws

          I might develop a plugin for PyCharm, for code sharing :)

          • kitaev

            maybe you can think to develop a repl function in slack. #python is a python repl, #scala is a scala :-)