Ubuntu 14.04 ctrl+alt+del shutdown dialog

Currently , in Ubuntu 14.04 if you press Ctrl+Alt+Del, it pops out the logout or lock dialog.
Many of us were used to have the shutdown/restart dialog prompted on Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Here’s how you get the shutdown dialog:

open System Settings -> Keyboard, click on the second tab “Shortcuts“,  and then click on the “+” icon to add a new shortcut.

Give it a name (ex: “Shutdown dialog”) and in the command field enter  gnome-session-quit --reboot .

Create new shortcut
After creating the shortcut, you need to assign it a keybind. Click on “Disabled” in the right side of the shortcut, then press “Ctrl+Alt+Del”. A conflict dialog will show up. Click on “Reassign”.
Conflict alert

Now, when pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del, you will have this dialog shown:

Shutdown dialog


Alternatively, you want to have all the “quit” options in one dialog (lock, suspend, restart, shutdown) you can replace the command with  gnome-session-quit --power-off  and get this result:

Dialog with all 4 quit options


  • Andrew Kerr

    I’ve tried this and it works exactly as described, but is there any way to bypass the shutdown options pop up and go directly to restart or complete shutdown with a keyboard shortcut?

    I currently have a problem where my screen will suddenly go off. I think this is most probably down to a lack of memory, my elderly laptop only has 1GB RAM, which I’m hoping to upgrade v soon, but whatever the cause, when the screen goes black I can’t do anything apart from force shutdown with the power key. I don’t like doing that so I’ve been searching for a way to do an orderly shutdown/reboot from the keyboard, but so far, every post I’ve found on the subject tells me how to get the shutdown menu to appear, but not go direct to complete shutdown.

    Is there not a further command I can add to continue from the shutdown menu by choosing one of the options from the keyboard?

    • http://simionbaws.ro SimionBaws

      Alt + SysRq/PrtScr + r e i s u b

      So, Press Alt + SysRq, release SysRq, and then, by holding alt type REISUB

  • Andrew Kerr

    You can speed things up even more on a laptop by tapping the power button, which brings up the shut down menu pop up, then select the option you want with the right arrow key and hit Enter.

  • http://www.studenton.com Amit Chaudhary

    I’ve written about a different method here: http://www.studenton.com/?p=137 if the above method didn’t work for you. Tested on Ubuntu & Linux Mint.