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Improve font rendering for IntelliJ IDEA / Pycharm in Ubuntu

Stock font rendering in Pycharm / Intelliji IDEA is horrible on Ubuntu. To improve it, change the following:


First of all, we need to install Infinality fonts:

Installed the patched OpenJDK with fontfix:

In $IDEA_HOME/bin/*.vmoptions  add the following: (PS: $IDEA_HOME is the path to IntelliJIdea or Pycharm)

and in  ~/.profile  add


or whatever the installed java path is.


Start the IDE and enjoy perfect fonts.

Ubuntu – Fix large fonts for Google Chrome in Address Bar and Bookmarks bar

Since version 35, chrome switched to Aura framework and does not follow GTK theme anymore. This leads to large font size in address bar, and bookmarks bar.

However, it grabs font size settings from org.gnome.desktop.interface “font-name” property. To fix this, run the following command:

You must restart chrome for this to work.

Command/Shortcut to Lock Screen with “away message prompt” in Linux Mint 17 / Cinnamon

If you want to have a shortcut with for locking the screen, but with prompt for lock message, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings -> Keyboard, then click on Keyboard shortcuts tab

  2. Click on Add custom shortcut button, and enter the following command:

    Screenshot from 2014-06-24 12:41:27

  3. Click Add and then assign it a shortcut.
    For example, the default lock screen shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+L. For the one with prompt, you can assign Ctrl+L.
  4. You’re done.
    When you want to lock your screen with a custom “away” message, just press the shortcut you assigned (Ctrl + L)

Screenshot from 2014-06-24 12:47:44

Install Skype 4.3 in Arch Linux / Manjaro

Hi there,

Skype just released version 4.3 for linux. You can read this article  from OMG Ubuntu! to see what’s new in 4.3

Long story short:

  • native notifications
  • UI improvements (new toolbar, better login screen, design changes)
  • floating widget for Call
  • cloud based Group Chat
  • support for PulseAudio 3.0 and 4.0

Currently, the AUR “multilib/skype” package is not upgraded to 4.3. If you don’t wish to wait, here’s what you must do:

  1. Download Skype -> (Choose “Dynamic” from distribution dropdown)
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Move the contents of the extracted folder to /opt/skype
  4. Edit /usr/bin/skype , and change the exec  command path to exec "/opt/skype/skype" "$@" 

Ubuntu 14.04 ctrl+alt+del shutdown dialog

Currently , in Ubuntu 14.04 if you press Ctrl+Alt+Del, it pops out the logout or lock dialog.
Many of us were used to have the shutdown/restart dialog prompted on Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Here’s how you get the shutdown dialog:

open System Settings -> Keyboard, click on the second tab “Shortcuts“,  and then click on the “+” icon to add a new shortcut.

Give it a name (ex: “Shutdown dialog”) and in the command field enter  gnome-session-quit --reboot .

Create new shortcut
After creating the shortcut, you need to assign it a keybind. Click on “Disabled” in the right side of the shortcut, then press “Ctrl+Alt+Del”. A conflict dialog will show up. Click on “Reassign”.
Conflict alert

Now, when pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del, you will have this dialog shown:

Shutdown dialog


Alternatively, you want to have all the “quit” options in one dialog (lock, suspend, restart, shutdown) you can replace the command with  gnome-session-quit --power-off  and get this result:

Dialog with all 4 quit options


Wine – Diablo 3 via launcher error on Ubuntu 14.04

This error occurs on ubuntu 14.04 when trying to run Diablo III from launcher:

Wine – Diablo 3 via launcher error: Please try again after logging on as an administrator

Screenshot from 2014-04-24 14:14:15

To avoid this error, you must launch Diablo 3 using the following command:

Alternatively, if you want to create a shortcut, run:

and paste the following content (don’t forget to update the path to diablo .exe file, and the icon file)

You can download the icon file here: , save it somewhere and point the location in diablo.desktop file created previously.

Fix ugly Skype theme on Ubuntu 14.04

Because Skype is a 32bit app and the GTK theme engine is not installed by default for 32bit, skype uses Clearlooks theme instead of the ubuntu’s gtk Ambiance theme.

To fix this, install the following:


Before fixing skype


Screenshot from 2014-04-19 12:54:16

Ubuntu 14.04 installing external .deb fails “Package operation Failed”

For some reason, installing external .deb files from ubuntu software center fails. The bug is reported on launchpad.

It doesn’t really matter why it is not working, because the Ubuntu Software Center itself is slow and heavy.

The workaround given on launchpas is to use “dpkg -i <file.deb>” but the issue with this is that it does not resolve dependencies.

My recommendation is to use “Gdebi” as an alternative. It’s extremly fast and lightweight, and it comes with a command line tool, and a GUI tool.

Once you install Gdebi ( sudo apt-get install gdebi ), edit the default applications file:

find the following lines:

and replace with

Ubuntu 14.04 lock screen asking password twice

So, everyone loves the new Ubuntu 14.04 lock screen, which looks exactly as the login screen.

But there is an issue with it. If you lock your screen manually (Ctrl + Alt + L) and leave your computer a couple of minutes (untill it locks the screen automatically), when you unlock it, it will ask for your password twice.

Workaround: Go to Settings -> Brightness and Lock -> Lock [OFF] (switch it to off).


Top things to do after installing Manjaro KDE

In this article I’ll explain what you should to after installing Manjaro Linux with KDE  (current version 0.8.8)

Overview on my desktop

So, here’s my current Manjaro KDE desktop look:


Here are the most important things I’ve done after installing Manjaro linux:



First thing, and the most important, was to fix fonts. Default KDE fonts aren’t that pretty, so I’ve installed “infinality fonts” and cairo ubuntu.

Here’s my current font configuration:

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